Car Maintenance & STP Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Right below is a video explaining how to take care of your car properly, and it could be any kind of car possible.

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With this being said, you’re going to have to look out for good deals online. As talked about Texas above and fuel injector cleaners, Red Line makes a really good diesel cleaner that you can check out the guides for fuel additive here. Being up to par with cleaners like BG, Lucas, STP, Royal Purple and a few others. They work good on specifically cleaning out the combustion chamber of carbon build up. Since the odds are you’re using 87 or 89 octane gas… you have probably felt some decreased performance in your car.

Grab a bottle of this cleaner and you’ll see the difference.



An Overview Of The Different Types Of Shower Heads Available At Present

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There is nothing healthier than taking a shower following a long day of work. Research has shown that an average individual spends at least 15 minutes each day in the bathroom and even more in the summer months. You will come across different types of shower heads on the market. Having the proper equipment is essential for your wellness as well as a perfect experience, every single time.

It does not matter if you’re renovating your toilet completely, or you just wish to update your old one. Having an ideal shower head for your requirements is an essential and also inexpensive investment you simply must make. One of the essential considerations while planning your shower is actually what kind of shower head you need. The best rain shower heads today most prefer will largely determine the efficiency of the shower – how comfy the showering is, how efficiently water is provided, how much pressure it is delivered with as well as over what area. With regards to making decisions regarding the shower’s actual business end, you should have an extremely clear concept of:

  1. Exactly how much pressure you require
  2. What heights the shower head requires to serve
  3. Whether you are looking for “special effects” (such as massage, waterfall-effect, rain-effect or perhaps LED lighting)
  4. How much space you wish to cover
  5. What type of shower stall design you are going to use

Consider What Sorts of Shower Heads Are Out There

best type of rain shower heads

This is one good rainfall shower head

On a standard level, shower heads are usually broken down into a couple of types – fixed as well as hand-held. Fixed shower heads are attached to a particular point on a wall surface (or in some cases a ceiling) above the head height. At this point the majority of the fixed shower heads can be relocated and directed inside a restricted area to make up for people of various heights; however, they are mostly limited in how they are used.

Hand-held shower heads are usually attached by a hose, and can be placed on a holder or even held in one’s hand for much more control over where the water is being directed. The hand held shower brackets are usually adjustable, placed on a vertical rail enabling significant adjustments in height. The flexibility of rain showers make them a good choice for those with little kids or those having disabilities.

Beyond the fundamental dissimilarities between the hand-held shower heads and the fixed shower heads, there are lots of variations such as rain shower heads, massage showers, multi-head showers, waterfall showers, as well as single or multiple high and low-pressure jets.

How Can Different Shower Heads Have An Impact On Performance?

The shower head you pick influences your shower’s overall performance in certain ways. First, the type of rain shower head you consider has an effect on the general feel of your shower – exactly how much pressure it is able to generate, how water is being projected, and how wide it is projected. All these factors influence how the shower really feels and is an extremely important consideration. You need to consider how the shower head is going to be used by everyone in the family, and whether a particular head comes with versatile settings keeping everyone contented. Often, you can find awesome rainfall shower heads at

Another essential factor impacting the efficiency of a shower is how effective your shower head is. The flow rate of a particular shower head determines the amount of water it actually projects in liters per minute. An unproductive shower head projecting 25 liters per minute may appear or feel great, but when compared to a 3-star rated shower head that uses 6 liters per minute it is a waste plus a liability. Normally, water efficient shower heads give you a comfortable water flow.

Shower Head Height

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The elevation at which the shower head is set up will certainly play a huge role in exactly how useful the shower is. Lanky people as well as children, in particular, must be taken into account – showers set up too high or too low on the walls (particularly the fixed shower heads) are usually very irritating! Take into account the range of movement that the particular shower head is capable of.

Think twice about what you desire from the shower head before you purchase it and think about who is going to use it, how it will appear in the bathroom and the amount of water it makes use of. There are different types of shower heads on the market, and if you have a good idea of what you require, locating the most appropriate shower head really should not be that challenging.

Escort Redline…. The Detector To Get!

If the name suggests, a windshield-mounted radar pointer sticks to the windshield with suction holders. The supervisor purpose of inclination of this style of locator is flexibility. It can be viably moved among vehicles and controlled by a cigarette lighter or electrical attachment.ExpertSmallest sumptuous sort of radar locatorWindshield-mounting can keep it inside straightforward sightVersatile mounting decisions to fit various vehiclesSuccessfully moved between automobilesConUnmistakable to tricks and contradicting copsGPS-Enabled ModelsGPS in these locators won’t help on the off chance that you’re lost. At any rate, it can keep you from getting nailed by a red light cam. With cam zone GPS headings set away in a database, the discoverer will alert when a cam is neared.Most GPS models are windshield-mounts. Coming down to budget, the best radar detector under 400 dollars is the Escort Passport 9500ix. There are several remote models, most exceptionally the Escort Passport 9500ci and its clone, the BEL (Beltronics) STiR-Plus, nearby the lower-assessed Escort Passport 8500ci Plus.The Four Best Long-Range Radar DetectorsGPS-enabled Using GPS continuous zone data it can in like manner alert of red light cam windshield-mount models”… best broad worth versusall prerequisite threats” Escort Passport MaxAlerts of red light camsLong radar-laser compass Shows your rateTakes out false alarmsOLED presentation, 4 shading choicesVoice cautions and alerted tonesGPS also allows a couple models to cut false alerts, particularly around the neighborhood, goliath purpose of hobby.ExpertAlerts of radar, lasers and red light camsRegularly forgoes false alarmsDemonstrates your speed and quite farConPriceyThese models moreover decrease affectability commonly at low speeds to cut false alerts. Escort calls this Speed-variable affect ability. Furthermore, by taking after vehicle speed, the onset of a red light cam prepared can be adjusted, so the driver won’t be chafed pointlessly.Remote (innate) ModelsA remote radar locator offers the best of both universes: unrivaled however without publicizing that you’re squeezing protection.

BEST Radar Detector

BEST Radar Detector

It has attentive parts: a radar/laser radio wire that mounts in the grille region, with controls and a presentation in the cockpit.The Three Best Long-Range Radar DetectorsInnate (remote) models”… the Ferrari Enzo ofradar pointers”Escort Passport 9500ci. Concealed, verifiable parts. Little control and presentation Alerts of red light camsStandard front laser jammers*Remarkable radar range3 years free database overhauls* Rear Jammers AvailableThere’s no rope issue and a substantial segment of these locators compel up thusly with engine start. Some Escort and BEL models have GPS, which lessens false cautions and shields from red light cams.Highlights and radar execution both climb in lockstep with expense. Some upmarket models join laser jammers. ExpertCovered parts Alerts of red light camsProtected from mischief, robbery Laser jammers available.

How to properly setup the Valentine ONE RD

If you do not have the the above versions or BT V1C dongle you can program your V1 manually as well:

You will need to download the app and connect to the V1C via BT. Once this is completed (may need the 1234 pass code)

1. Select Profiles on the V1 connection screen.

2. Select the Factory Default Profile.

3. Select Special on the menu.

4. Enable Euro mode.

5. Now scroll down and select Custom Sweeps (this can be time consuming and a little frustrating so be prepared).

Speed Limits are the highest in Texas and here’s why!

Speed Limits are the highest in Texas and here's why!

Texas law obliges that speed limits on state roadways be set at the state most great, unless development and planning studies show a need to alter a speed point of confinement for security reasons.
Most amazing Speed Limit
City governments and TxDOT must lead development and planning studies as showed by necessities laid out in TxDOT’s conveyance, Procedures for Establishing Speed Zones, when setting a rate limit on the state avenue structure. Speed obliges on state roadways may be set by the Commission or by a city if the roadway is inside city limits.
The law sets the most amazing at 70 mph, yet allows the Texas Transportation Commission to secure a most prominent rate limit of 75 mph (80 mph or 85 mph if the freeway is planned to oblige that speed) on the roadway structure if that speed is dead situated to be protected and sensible after a development or planning study. A most noteworthy rate cutoff of 80 mph inside 10 areas on Interstate 10 and Interstate 20 is moreover permitted.

New Continental GT 2014, fuel system improved ..

New Continental GT 2014, fuel system improved ..In 2014, Secret Entourage was invited to test drive the new Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls Royce Ghost, which we liked but felt were a bit old for our taste since we are all under 30. This past month, the team at Euro Motorcars in Bethesda, MD asked us to come out and give them our perspective on an exclusive test drive of the upcoming 2012 Bentley GT. We remained a bit skeptical as the Bentleys have been known to be geared towards the older 50+ crowd but also known to lack all kinds of gadgets and features that are now even standard in a cheaper Toyota. None the less, they offered us a steak and the keys and told us to give it a shot…(Everyone knows, Don never turns down a good steak, or the keys to a 200K car ). Here is what we were surprised to find out…

The Continental GT has always been the sexier car of the Bentley line up with its two doors and hatch back end especially in its Super Sports trim level so we were curious on how Bentley was going to make this car any different without losing its existing customer base. We were surprised to find out that most of the car’s appealing lines were the same but werent at the same time. Its an interesting design as Bentley did not change the design of the car much but rather refined it from first impressions. It just looks the same but with more straight angles rather than rounded ones and same goes for the lights and grills. The reality however is that every panel is different from the prev generation but they are reconstructed to keep a familiar feeling. The results are a much wider looking car, which looks refined from every angle and really showcases its muscles through its upgraded and beautifully fitted set of 21″ sport wheels.

The Importance of Proper Air Conditioning in Your Car

Air conditioning is a relatively early luxury we can enjoy on demand now. Through the whole United States, Florida, California, Texas and all the remaining southern parts of the US need it more than others. Specifically air conditioning Naples fl is one of thousands of businesses operating successfully to provide good ac services for both home and automobile. Other places like Bonita Springs air conditioning, Marco island air conditioning, Fort Myers air conditioning all demand the same thing.

The big thing (in some cars) that usually sticks out in the front of the grill helps to keep your vehicle cool. If it fails, your engine is most likely going to overheat causing major internal damage that will simply cost thousands of dollars. Same goes for your home, if your air handler fails in your home .. it means you have no more air and living life uncomfortably. (either too hot or too cold). If you want to avoid that, try to have a bi monthly maintenance done to it to make sure everything is working 100%.



Reference: Wikipedia.


Did you know this about Elvis Presley in Texas

Herewith a statement of regret to the a large number of Elvis Presley fans as far and wide as possible. I never administered to your legend. I didn’t endorse of his Elvis-Pelvis stage mannerisms, despised his bouffant hairdo, had no preference for his singing. This was not a generational thing for I was just somewhat more established than Presley amid the tallness of his popularity. I was additionally piece of the way of life of the period, a rebel in a few regards, definitely not a prig. So to understand my animosity you have to admire that musically I was devoted to current jazz, with a low resilience level for pop and rock and a dislike of down home music. By my standards Elvis was a third-rate guitar player and couldn’t sing any better than a large portion of the exhausting crooners of the day.

elvis had classical carsThen again I’m presently eager to yield a grudging admiration for Mr. Presley, for I’ve recently discovered that he was (heave!) an auto gentleman. Yes, Elvis Presley obtained more than 200 vehicles amid his lifetime, including some genuine collectibles. Obviously I realized that he’d possessed a pink Cadillac Fleetwood in light of the fact that my notice organization workmanship chief Ray Fry reviewed detecting the auto in Pasadena when Ray was an understudy at the Design Center, prompting a brief “auto gentleman” visit with the rock legend. But I didn’t realize that Elvis likewise possessed, among others, the red MGA from “Blue Hawaii,” a purple 1956 Eldorado Convertible, and a 1973 Stutz Blackhawk.

The autos from Elvis’ carport will be on display amid the inaugural Elvis Motor Classics International Car Show at Graceland from May 27 to 30, 2010. Numerous other gatherer autos will gather on the 70-section of land grounds to commend the commemoration of his 75th birthday. The family-accommodating four-day occasion will likewise emphasize music, competitions and visits. Exemplary auto fans will have the capacity to experience the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum, visit Graceland and other Memphis highlights, and appreciate extraordinary discounts and convenience rates. “Elvis was energetic about gathering autos, so Graceland is the ideal spot for auto devotees to commend his 75th birthday” said Walt Hollifield, widely acclaimed authority and occasion coordinator. “We’ve gotten calls from clubs and people from as far away as Colorado and Canada who are conveying their exemplary autos to Graceland.”

My companions at Hagerty Insurance will be on location, assisting with occasion registration and showing trophies on Sunday.

For more data about going to or exhibiting at The Elvis Motor Classics International Car Show, you ought to visit or call (704) 455-1564. I won’t be there unless Elvis is, but if that ought to happen I’ll say to him “hey man… your guitar playing may not be cool but your autos are.” I’m certain he’d admire the complimen.


Wikiepdia Source: Elvis Presley’s classical cars

You can also see all Classical Cars for sale here.

Vacuum Cleaning is CRUCIAL for Successful Garage and House

cheap  shop vacuum cleaners 2015If you’ve been looking for an excellent guide on how to properly pick a shop vacuum, I’m about to tell you a place where you can check that out now.

Briefly, the place is called the online source for shop vac reviews at and it’s awesome. There’s reviews, ratings and numerous vacuum cleaners to choose from. How it all started was the author first got tired of using his shop vac after buying multiple ones from Walmart and Kmart after a few years, he went to Amazon and read some reviews… then behold he FOUND the vacuum cleaner he was looking for that worked exactly how it was supposed to work.

Proceeding with the vacuum cleaners, the one he picked up was made by Ridgid. Prior to that, I read an exceptionally good Ridgid shop vacuum cleaner review which mentioned ALL it’s pro’s, con’s and even what how people recommend using it. It’s size fooled me, but the suction power is exceptionally good for what it actually is.

When it was all said and done, the vacuum cleaner works great for the truck and car, house, garage, my construction job and really anything else I’d throw at it. It’s a “wet&dry” vacuum too, so using it in the boat is no problem at all, in the example above.. Car vacuum cleaner ‘s.

NOTE: Invest into a GOOD vacuum cleaner and you’ll never have to settle for buying cheap and crappy “Walmart” brand vacuum cleaners.

Fuel Injection, Cumbistion & Valve Cleaners!


Down in Texas, you will notice many folks riding around in BIG pickup trucks burning tons of diesel into the air. Most of these trucks are nothing but old 90’s Fords, Dodges, Chevys and GMC trucks. Their direct injection systems start to become “wacky” and that’s exactly what you begin to see cloud of smoke coming right out of the exhaust tail. Reading the guide for the best fuel system cleaning from InjectorCleanerBoss will inform you more than you already know.

Proper fuel cleaning additives..

One cool thing you should consider knowing is the fact that like gasoline, diesel helps corrode internals after a long time and even carbon can start building up if the internals are not thoroughly cleaned up. One thing you can do is purchase a really nice fuel additives cleaner. Chevron Techron fuel system cleaning agent works quite well for a really reasonable price too!

Add a few doses of that stuff every fill up,  (for diesels, 3-5oz per full tank.) Run that bad boy dry and do it again. Be sure to watch the performance of the vehicle before you keep adding the agent, this will help you avoid unwanted use and unwanted spending’s.

Chevron, is the WAY TO GO!

Chevron, is the WAY TO GO!